Jaime Torres Torres

Shit Capital Pandemic …

Life, the empire doesn’t give a damn
The world in check for their petty desire for profit, and gross, tremble now because the shot came out of the butt …

Hypocritical Technocrats Pussy
The Life of the Planet hangs by a thread
For his financial gluttony …
They toast with the rust of calamity and they don’t care.
Do you miss us? No, because they are bad people …

Insurance, policies, wages, bankruptcies, privatizations, displacements and dismissals … Neoliberal motherfuckers who sell their souls to the devil and defecate in their mothers’ pantheons
If the unborn had them …

Pandemic of Wal Street Values
Cure, vaccine and antidote that will get like edema from the butt of his insatiable greed for money …

Damn they are!

Let the Covid-19 and the plagues it plans fit the graves of its misfortunes!

For the elderly who die at this hour in solitude … Damn them!

For the children and young people who miss their academic semesters … Damn!

For the workers who have lost their jobs … Damn!

For the companies of the small and medium merchants that close … Damn!

For the politicians who carry out their campaigns in the misfortune of the people … Damn them!

For the nurses and doctors who have been contacted … Damn!

For the dead recorded at the moment … Damn!

For the infections that multiply around the planet … Damn them!

For the complicity of the media in the spread of panic … Damn!

For the American pharmaceutical corporations that will inflate their actions with the cure patent … Damn!

On behalf of the victims of the fucking capital pandemic
That the empires of terror collapse and that the Planet vomits with disgust today, tomorrow and always … Damn!


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